What's a ColorDMD?

ColorDMD is an LCD display designed to replace the traditional orange dot matrix displays (DMDs) used in pinball machines.  Round dots are drawn to the LCD to emulate the original dots.  Because it's an LCD, any color dot is possible.  By adding in proprietary algorithms and hardware we are able to create a multicolor display to enhance older games designed originally with only one color.

What is SIGMA?

SIGMA is a non game-specific single-color ROM file that is now used as the standard shipping configuration for all ColorDMD displays. SIGMA was first released in May 2013 and supports customer selection of 49 different color hues and three different display effects (classic dots, high-definition upscaling, and scan lines). Coinciding with the release of SIGMA, the ColorDMD platform was unlocked so that customers can download and install new firmware to reconfigure their display to use the SIGMA ROM or supported multicolor ROMs.

How can I change the settings on my ColorDMD display?

ColorDMD controller boards include a simple four-button menu system for changing and saving display settings. The right button is used to enter the menu system. Then left and right buttons move through the adjustable settings which currently include color, display style, backlight, and mounting position. The inner buttons are used to modify settings. The "SAVE AND EXIT" screen allows new settings to be stored to the display.

How do I update the firmware on my ColorDMD display?

Reconfiguring a ColorDMD display is easy and performed using a USB flash drive. The product pages in our store contain links to the most recent firmware for each product. Our SUPPORT page also contains links to these files. Simply download the desired "colordmd.rom" firmware file and save it to the USB flash drive. Then insert the flash drive in the USB port on the ColorDMD controller board, and press and hold the left button for five seconds. The file will be automatically updated and saved to the ColorDMD. It's that easy!

Now we've added a NEW VIDEO to demonstrate how to easily convert your display from one game to another.

Will my display work with new products and features released by ColorDMD Displays LLC?

Future products, features, or firmware may require modified hardware interfaces or improved processing power, and may not be compatible with current or prior systems. We make no representation, guarantee, or warranty that a display purchased today will work with future products or features released by ColorDMD. You should only purchase a ColorDMD if the currently available features and available ROMs fit your needs.

How can I unlock a display purchased before May 2013?

Displays purchased prior to May 2013 were locked using a game-specific unique 16-bit product key. This key has been replaced with a non game-specific unique 32-bit product key that allows customers to reconfigure displays using the supported library of SIGMA and multicolor ROM files. To use these files, you must first obtain a new 32-bit product key by sending an email with a photo of the display's COLORDMD INFO screen to

After processing your key request, we will send a response with your new key. Download and install a new firmware file, and return to the COLORDMD INFO screen. The bottom of the screen will show 'KEY INVALID' followed by 8 blank spaces. To enter the new key, use the second button to select the digit and the third button to enter it. Repeat this for all 8 digits until the 'KEY INVALID' text is replaced with 'PRODUCT KEY'. Then advance to the SAVE AND EXIT screen to store the new key.

How large is the LCD panel?

The LCD is a standard notebook display and is about the same height as a WPC-95 speaker panel.  Only the center of the display is illuminated.

Is it difficult to install?

No.  The ColorDMD is an easy replacement for the original DMD display.  A custom mounting bracket mounts to the same holes on the speaker panel.  The same 14-pin ribbon cable is used to connect the display to the DMD controller board.  The only change is that the ColorDMD is designed to run from the low-voltage 5V and 12V supplies, and connects directly to the power driver board instead of the high-voltage controller board.

Do I need to replace the ROMs in my existing game? Why does your store site specify a required ROM version?

No.  The ColorDMD display works with normal game ROMs and board sets. In most cases, there is no need to update to the required ROM version unless you see issues with video frames not being identified and colored correctly by the display.

The required ROM versions that we specify are versions that we used during development and testing. Generally, we try to use the latest ROMs available for each game. Other ROM versions may contain difference in animation sequences or font sets that are not handled correctly by the display. You should only consider updating to the specified ROM version if you think you are experiencing issues due to these differences.

Will it work with any game?

The ColorDMD currently supports WPC/WPC95 platforms and will be expanded to support other systems. There are two modes of operation: single-color (SIGMA) and multicolor. The single-color mode can be used with any game and supports 49 different color hues that can be selected through the integrated menu system. For multicolor mode, custom color data files must be created for each game. Color data currently exists for a number of games listed in our store and we are continuing to expand the library of supported games.

How does it work?  Are you replacing dot intensities with colors?

The ColorDMD contains a proprietary engine for recognizing game-generated video frames and adding color to enhance the dots as they are generated and sent to the display.  Color data is stored on the ColorDMD controller board and used to colorize the video frames in real-time.  The original dot intensities are unmodified to preserve the artist's original intent.  The effect is similar to viewing the original dots through a colored filter.  A patent is pending on the technology used to create the ColorDMD.

Is this for sale?  Where can I buy one?

We have been manufacturing and selling displays since April 2012. Displays are available through our online STORE and through the distributors linked to our site's home page.

Is there a preorder list?

We do not accept preorders and just release displays once they are build and ready. To be notified about future production and release dates, please subscribe to the mailing list through the link at the top of our home page.

When will other games be available?

At our current rate, we are announcing new titles about four times a year. We expect to increase this rate as the platform matures and we bring on additional help.

Can I get involved?

We invite others to join the coloring effort. Coloring games can be a long and arduous process, and requires training and support to use our tools. Most games present unique challenges that require ingenuity to achieve desired results from our coloring engine. Some may require that we make enhancements to the engine! If you're willing to invest the time and think you are up to the challenge, please contact us.