Product Keys

Displays purchased prior to May 2013 were locked using a game-specific unique 16-bit product key. This key has been replaced with a non game-specific unique 32-bit product key that allows customers to reconfigure displays using the supported library of SIGMA and multicolor ROM files. To use these files, you must first obtain a new 32-bit product key by sending an email with a photo of the display's COLORDMD INFO screen to

After processing your key request, we will send a response with your new key. Download and install a new firmware file, and return to the COLORDMD INFO screen. The bottom of the screen will show 'KEY INVALID' followed by 8 blank spaces. Follow the instructions below to enter and save your new key.

Instructions for entering a new product key:

  1. Obtain a SIGMA 32-bit product key by sending a photo of your COLORDMD INFO screen to
    To access the COLORDMD INFO screen, press the button on the ColorDMD circuit board that is furthest to the right.
  2. Use the second button from the left to step through the alphanumeric characters to find the first character in your product key.
  3. Press the third button from the left to enter the character and advance to the next.
  4. Continue entering the remaining digits on your product key.
    Be sure to enter the last character by pressing the third button until the words 'KEY INVALID' are replaced with 'PRODUCT KEY.' If your key is entered incorrectly, the key will turn back to eight blanks and need to be entered again.
  5. Press the right button to advance through the menu selections until you reach 'SAVE AND EXIT?'
  6. Press the third button to save your settings.
After saving, you can press the right button again to verify that your product key has been stored.