Extended ROMs

The extended ROMs for Game of Thrones, Spider-Man (Original) and Transformers will only work Rev 1.3B ColorDMD controller boards. Rev 1.3B boards have a larger 64Mbit memory chip required to store the extended ROM file. The board revision can be found printed along the edge of the ColorDMD controller board.

NOTE! Installation of the extended ROM will overwrite your PRODUCT KEY. You will need to record your product key and re-enter it after installation. Please follow all steps below!


  1. Use the buttons on the rear of the display to enter the menus.
  2. Locate your display's PRODUCT KEY (8 digits) at the bottom of the COLORDMD INFO screen.
  3. Copy the PRODUCT KEY to a piece of paper. You will need to re-enter it after installation.


  1. Right-click on one of the following links:
    Game of Thrones ColorDMD 3.1 ROM Update
    Indiana Jones (Stern) ColorDMD 3.0 ROM Update
    KISS ColorDMD 4.0 ROM Update
    Spider-Man (Original) ColorDMD 3.4 ROM Update
    Transformers ColorDMD 3.0 ROM Update

  2. Save the ROM file to a USB flash drive as "colordmd.rom". Saved file name must match EXACTLY!
    Drive must be formatted as MS FAT32. Most new drives come formatted as MS FAT32 from the manufacturer.
  3. Turn game on and install flash drive into ColorDMD USB port.
  4. Press and hold the left button (closest to the thumb drive) for 5 seconds until the backlight turns off.
  5. Wait for the backlight to turn back on (about 1-2 minutes).
    If the backlight does not turn on and the PROG light is repeatedly blinking, the colordmd.rom file was not found on the thumb drive. Please check the file name.
  6. Remove the flash drive.


  1. Use the buttons on the rear of the display to access the COLORDMD INFO screen.
  2. Use the second button from the left to step through the alphanumeric characters to find the first character in your product key.
  3. Press the third button from the left to enter the character and advance to the next.
  4. Continue entering the remaining digits on your product key.
    Be sure to enter the last character by pressing the third button until the words 'KEY INVALID' are replaced with 'PRODUCT KEY.' If your key is entered incorrectly, the key will turn back to eight blanks and need to be entered again.
  5. Press the right button to advance through the menu selections until you reach 'SAVE AND EXIT?'
  6. Press the third button to save your settings.


  • Make sure your board is REV 1.3B. Earlier boards will not work with the Spider-Man ROM.
  • Do not try to open the file above. Just save it directly to a USB flash drive.
  • Make sure the filename on your USB drive is exactly "colordmd.rom" with no added characters.
  • When re-entering the product key, make sure you press the third button after setting last digit and that the words KEY INVALID are replaced with PRODUCT KEY.
  • If you lose your product key, email a photo of your COLORDMD INFO screen to sigma-key@colordmd.com.